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Our Team

Francisco Bernier

Having a deep know-how relating to the field of technology and keen interest to know & understand the last technological advancements emerging from all across the world has made Francisco earn a position of Content Writer in our organization. Having a good sense of depicting & explaining the technology world in simple words, he writes articles related to all the latest inventions, updates, launches, and much more. Keeping tabs of all the high-tech and up-to-date devices and gadgets along with their applications in day-to-day life is a free-time activity of Francisco.

Phone: +1 617-698-4910

Rosita Stephens

Working as a Senior Content Writer and an experience of almost 5 Years, Rosita is dedicated to writing reports and articles about the day-to-day events, inventions, breakthrough, launch news relating to the field of Science. When not writing, she likes to assist in conducting science-related events and exhibitions for kids to get them acquainted with the latest Science-related inventions and discoveries. She also likes to explore new places and share her experiences through her personal blog.

Phone: +1 617-830-5560

Adams Jones

With a background from the Business sector and an experience of 7 years, Adams is one of the best Senior Content Writer our organization has. Having the skills to justly place the difficult terms and concepts of the business worlds into an understandable and simple manner has earned him this position. Adams likes to attend conferences and workshop of business tycoons as well as the budding ones in his spare time.

Phone: +1 617-390-7770

Sofia Harris

Sofia is one of the budding Content Writer and Editor at our organization. Sofia indulges in writing articles and reports regarding the field of Health. She is skillful at trimming down the heavy medical concepts into concise yet comprehensible manner. Sofia scripts about all the invention, discoveries, and breakthroughs taking place across the globe. In her spare time, she assists in the health camps and other social activities. Also, she maintains a blog related to staying fit and healthy.

Phone: +1 617-290-4670

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

 Francisco Bernier :- |+1 617-698-4910

Rosita Stephens :- | +1 617-830-5560

Adams Jones :- | +1 617-390-7770

Sofia Harris :- | +1 617-290-4670

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