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To Defend Against Dodgy Materials, SPACE HARPOON Developed By UK Scientists

To defend the Earth from eight thousand tons of dangerous space junk revolving the planet at 30,000 mph speeds, the satellite named RemoveDEBRIS was launched which successfully deployed its pioneering system for the very first time. A 1.5-meter boom is featured in the spacecraft from which a piece of satellite panel was dangled by simulating junk. The harpoon was launched at twenty meters per second, which was designated in Stevenage at the Airbus Space and Defense’s base, penetrating the target and demonstrating the harpoon’s ability to capture debris in the process.

Counting the project, this trial was the 3rd successful experiment. To capture another piece of debris, RemoveDEBRIS was earlier used its on-board net, and then LiDAR was used and to identify space junk camera-based vision navigation system was used. Now, for the final experience the team is gearing up, it is probably scheduled for next month, in which the satellite will be seen expanding the sail, dragging the satellite into the atmosphere of the Earth, and it will be destroyed in the process. This is the most demanding experiment of RemoveDEBRIS and the involved testament was the fact it became a success, said professor Guglie Aglietti.

A group of foremost space corporations and research organizations have been planned, manufactured and built RemoveDEBRIS from Germany, France, Britain, South Africa and the Netherlands. After being successful in space demonstration of the Harpoon technology is an important step towards resolving the growing issue of space debris, said Chris Burgess, lead engineer of Harpoon. This inspiring mission demonstrates that UK specialists are giving the answers for this latent problem with the help of a Harpoon, a tool used by the people during history. This mission is a strong illustration of the expertise in astronomical technology of UK and our universities and innovative companies can enormously donate to the aim of the government by working together for an extremely capable economy over our current Industrial Strategy.