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Tech Investors Predict Bright Returns For AMD, Boeing Over 3 Years

Tech Investors Predict Bright Returns For AMD, Boeing Over 3 YearsTechnological investors have already made a prediction in the beginning of the New Year. They said that the shares of both Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Boeing would supposedly increase approximately 50% over consecutive 3 years. On January 4, 2019, Paul Meeks, another expert tech investor had quite similar opinion. Meeks, the top portfolio manager in Wireless Fund mentioned that Boeing has never been known as a technological player in the market. However, it is worthy of mention how intriguing is the services business of the company and that is what makes Boeing a huge catalyst.

In Closing Bells, Meeks has reported that due to the association of Boeing with China, the company had to suffer and make some cut downs lately. However, he considered that as time progresses in commercial aviation, both Chinese and oligopolists would not be able to neglect the situation.

Boeing’s shares have recently hit the highest of about $400 in October, 2018. After that, there was a fall in the shares while the 2018 sell-off was going on. It ended the year at a 9% drop from its zenith, at $322.50. On January 4th 2018, the company closed the day with a stock of $327.08. Meek’s preference for AMD was also quite visible. He talked about how Intel had ruled the market of PCs back in 1980s and 90s. No one could even imagine of competing its ever growing market. He has predicted AMD might buy few server shares in several data centers. There is a high chance they would also invest in buying shares in the gaming system.

AMD would hardly be as popular a name as Boeing or Intel, but would soon be on people’s lips because of their performance. Stocks of AMD closed the last year at $18.46. In September, it had reached the zenith of $34.14.