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This App Will Give You Your Listening Habits On Apple Music

This App Will Give You Your Listening Habits On Apple MusicApple Music does not provide a bundled method to look at your annual listening habits, but a new application does, as seen by media. The app is dubbed as “Music Year in Review,” and displays a summary of what you heard to on Apple Music all over the year, akin to “Wrapped” program by Spotify.

Music Year in Review is not almost as clear as Spotify’s “Wrapped,” but it does offer you some fundamental metrics that can be enjoyable to look at. To utilize it, link it to Apple Music after feeding in your email ID to the app. It will then collect your listening info and display you 3 different graphics: your top 5 artists and songs, how much time you spent hearing on Apple Music your favorite artist, and some of your general favorites, such as artist, genre, and song. Every graphic naturally has sharing options so they can be shared or saved to different platforms.

On a related note, it’s time for Alexa to say hi to Siri. Apple Music and its 50 Million songs are coming to Echo smart speakers by Amazon with Alexa. Till now, the 56 Million users of Apple Music could stream via an Echo by connecting their tablet/phone to the speaker using Bluetooth. Now the team-up among the two competitor firms indicates that they can call for particular artists or tracks, or access their favorite playlists.

“Given the scope and size of Apple Music, it has been one of the most requested-for features for the last 3–4 Years since we have had Alexa and Echo out there,” claims senior VP for devices & services at Amazon, Dave Limp, to the media in an interview. “Music is one of the most recognized functions on Alexa. Since we rolled Alexa 4 Years back, users are listening to extra music than ever before in their homes.”