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LinkedIn Cofounder Says Sorry For Donation To A Group That Spread Misinfo

LinkedIn Cofounder Says Sorry For Donation To A Group That Spread MisinfoOn December 26, 2018, the co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman has apologized. He was alleged to fund a group. However, he has said that he was absolutely unaware that the group was a part in spreading misinformation while the Albama Senate race was on during 2017. An article in New York Times has stated his bond with American Engagement Technologies. Hoffman mentioned in his post in Medium blog, denying any of the tactics that the leading newspaper has alleged towards him.

There was a report by New York Times in the previous week that AET has channeled money for a project that has made a Facebook page where people faked as conservatives. In the project, language was used by people to categorize actual conservatives. Then, they were boosted them to mention the name of a candidate in order to make them vote against Republican candidate Roy Moore who had faced allegation of sexual misbehavior my many women. It has been noted that the tactics are quite similar to that of the one used by Russian actors who aided in winning Donald Trump the presidential position back in 2016.

Federal Election Commission has said the entire budget for the project was $100,000. Hoffman, alone had invested $75,000. Hoffman later told that he is very against the use of misinformation to influence people in an election. He has also said that he had funded several organizations to maintain a politically correct discourse in the nation. Had he known beforehand of any such misconduct by AET, he would never have invested in such an alleged organization.

In the future, Moore has promised to be more careful regarding where his money is being invested. He has in fact asked his team in politics to examine minutely on some guidelines on choosing a fund to project and the terms would be released shortly.