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Deadly NASH Sweeps The US, CDC Analysis

Deadly NASH Sweeps The US, CDC AnalysisMillions of people in USA across demographical lines are silently suffering from a deadly disease that could take their life without any inkling. As per data shared by Center for Disease Analysis around 12 percent of adults in USA or nearly 30 million people suffer from a disease called NASH or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This disease leads to liver cirrhosis followed by fluid accumulation in the stomach, cardiac issues and lung complications. In some cases the scarring and inflammation of liver due to this disease has also caused liver cancer though few people are aware of its complications.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Maria Yataco of Jacksonville based Mayo clinic who is conducting research on the disease NASH will soon overtake Hepatitis C as the major cause for liver transplant within US by 2020 if steps are not taken now to curb it. Due to rising number of obese people in the country liver specialists are reporting worrying number of younger patients with NASH some of them as young as late twenties and early thirties which is regarded as the most active age. Dr. Leona, a hepatologist and professor stated that surprisingly NASH is present also in young children.

In the US alone around $5 billion is being spent annually to manage healthcare costs related to NASH which includes liver transplants, chemotherapy, multiple tests and hospitalization costs. MD of Center for Disease Analysis is working with health ministers around the world to collect data and develop a national strategy for battling NASH as the costs could rise to $18 billion in another decade or so if left unchecked. Unfortunately neither the CDC nor FDA has failed to acknowledge the health crisis that this disease can wreck as its initial signs are asymptomatic and by the time a person is diagnosed it is usually too late and the only option left is to search for a liver donor.