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Reduction In The Consumer Confidence Level Signifies The Economic Slowdown

Reduction In The Consumer Confidence Level Signifies The Economic SlowdownThe consumer confidence index in the United States has witnessed a sharp decline in the past 3 years. Its level in the month of December 2018 has been the lowest in past few years which has raised several concerns. This is making an impact over the investors as they are worried about the depleting economical condition of the US owing to the economic slowdown globally. The decline in the consumer confidence index shows the growing impact of the global slowdown over the US. The reduction in this index clearly means that the common households are worried about current economical condition of the country.

The Board has issued a statement saying that the confidence index has witnessed a slide of 8.3 and Now with this significant reduction in the index, the total score has fallen down to 136.4. This has been the largest downfall in the index since the month of July of 2015. This is also one amongst largest downfalls in the index within a span of 1 month. On the other hand, Labor department of the country has issued a report saying that the people who have applied for the jobless benefits have dropped in the last week.

The situation seems to be contradicting as the consumer confidence index is depleting on one side and the number of jobless people is also reducing. The stocks which were floating at good points are also seen to be trading at much lower rates currently. The treasury prices are also high and the dollar has also got weakened with respect to some currencies. These happenings as a whole are raising severe concerns amongst the common households as well as the investors. The reduction in the stock prices in the recent past has been the most significant matter of concern for the incestors.