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Astronomers Have Found A New Way To See Dark Matter

Astronomers Have Found A New Way To See Dark MatterDark matter was so termed because they do not interact with anything that we can see. Dark matter makes up 85 percent of the known universe. The astronomers have developed a new method to see the dark matter with the help of a faint light present within a galaxy cluster. This can be done by using the images captured by the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

A galaxy cluster is a massive gathering of galaxies that are gravitationally bound. Our Milky Way exists inside the Laniakea supercluster along with thousands of other galaxies. Inside a cluster, galaxies interact with each other through stars that ripped and float freely through the cluster. The travel of the intergalactic objects results in the emission of intra-cluster light within the cluster. This intra-cluster light is nothing but a faint light.

According to the lead author of the research, they have found this faint light inside a galaxy cluster and it thus shows the distribution of the dark matter.

Earlier, astronomers have used gravitational lensing to figure out the distribution of dark matter in the galaxy clusters which is powerful in unveiling the structure of dark matter in the galaxy clusters but at the same time, it requires very intense observation which makes it quite a time taking process.

The new method only requires deep-space imaging to precisely gather the properties of the dark matter of a given cluster. The method is proposed by Montes and Ignacio Trujillo. Both the researchers have used gravitational lensing method in devising the new method to reveal the dark matter.

As per the researchers, within the clusters, the intra-cluster faint light finely follows the global dark matter dispersal and this makes the stars to float freely through the cluster. These researchers are working to find the galaxy clusters that are even larger.