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Air Force Enhances The Pace Of Anti-Jam Satellites

Air Force Enhances The Pace Of Anti-Jam SatellitesThe Air Force is all set to launch software and ground equipment that will help boost the protection of the Wideband Global sitcom system. The Navy has planned to implement the latest technology in 2022, which is around 1.5 years sooner than it was previously planned.

With the anxiety of foreign hackers infiltrating the US networks, the Air Force is putting its unmatched endeavor to strengthen the military satellite communications. Colonel Tom Mckenzie stated the adversaries are taking proper shape, enabling the systems to invade the unclassified or barely protected setups. He is the Chief of the Advanced Development Division for Military Satellite Communications at the Missile Systems Center and Air Force Space. He also stated that a bunch of military sitcom services are offered by the Air Force Wideband Global sitcom, which is also termed as WGS and also by the commercial operators. These systems demand additional protection from the negative impacts of cyber-attacks.

According to Colonel Tom Mckenzie, the commercial satcom and Wideband satellites, which were built by his team, were not designed to offer protection from the susceptibilities. However, he expects the futuristic projects to take care of these breaches so such scenario is not created.

In response to the current development, the Air Force is also developing satcom ground equipment and software that will deal with the WSG networks at the present time while taking care of the commercial systems later. The aircraft carrier strike group from Navy in the Pacific is the first in the list to go for the upgrade. The carrier strike groups will also have this facility and the same will be made available by the Air Force by the end of 2022.

The anti-jam communications software is the prime attraction of the cyber security upgrade, which is also termed as PTW or Protected Tactical Waveform.